Tribesigns History

Tribesigns' founder, who comes from a lineage of carpenters, draws inspiration from his father's mastery and upbringing in woodworking. His innate expertise led him to craft stunning bamboo and wood furniture in his business venture. Alongside his design-passionate wife, their partnership melded technical skill and artistic flair. Together, they redefined furniture beyond utility, emphasizing its capacity to embody beauty and style. This shared vision birthed Tribesigns, renowned for its unique designs that harmonize aesthetics, functionality, and affordability. Committed to sustainability and ethical practices, the Tribesigns team embodies core values such as customer focus, honesty, simplicity, and innovation. Their ultimate goal is to fashion spaces into inviting sanctuaries that inspire joy and creativity, a commitment evident in their unwavering dedication to quality and design.Over the last decade, Tribesigns has rapidly expanded across prominent e-commerce platforms in Europe and America, supported by 30 overseas warehouses, extending their global reach. Their devotion to customer satisfaction has earned trust and recognition from over two million households worldwide

Our Team


Tribesigns is a portal of discovery – showcasing what a home could be. With a passion for authenticity and thoughtfully curated designs, our offerings range from furnishings for the living room, bedroom, home office, garden, kitchen, and other settings.

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